Advanced Fine Art Techniques


Straight up - you can't create your best artworks without knowing all the techniques.  There are 12 fine art techniques, you can get them all here.  You get them in detail and you get given the ways to combine them.  This is the only place to get them.


Do you have all 12 techniques?

You probably have only a few of these techniques - they're just not taught.  Not even in our cities' major art institutions.  Have a look through the techniques page and you'll see ways of putting paint on canvas that you haven't heard of or seen before.

The music analogy

Here's a quick comparison - to create music you need the notes and scales.  Imagine trying to create a musical piece with only two or three notes.  The composition would be limited and you would be frustrated.  It's the same with your art.  If you feel you are not achieving your best works, and are frustrated, and not getting the results on canvas you hoped for, it's because you don't have all the ingredients to use.  And you won't sell for anything other than low prices.

Your satisfaction and your sales

Your creative satisfaction, and your results - as well as your buyers - depend on your ability to put paint on canvas.  Once you get all 12 techniques you have all the power in your fingertips.  You get satisfaction beyond what you expect, and your buyers will pay big money to have your advanced works.   It will develop your art and enrich your life.

Is it difficult?

Learning the 12 techniques is easy.  You are provided here with the most comprehensive art instruction on the market.  You are taken step by step through detailed explanations and demonstrations without comparison.  You don't miss a thing.  And it's made extremely easy for you.  We've done all the hard work to get the techniques to you.  
In fact, it's easier to create advanced and powerful works of art, than it is to struggle with poor techniques.  Using poor techniques, or using only a few of the techniques, you will be forever looking for ways to create what you want.  You'll be wasting not only your time, but your materials.  And the selling and exhibiting opportunities will not be available for you.

Creating in your unique style

When you use advanced techniques your paintings will possess the magic and mystery of your unique creativity, and you can paint any subject any way you want, with confidence and power, and ease.  You get very good, very quickly.  And your family, friends and buyers will notice immediately that your are creating true art, and not in the low-position professional or hobby category.  And it keeps getting better for you, as you continue, with all the available uses of paint, any way you like.  The sky is the limit once you have the ingredients to use.
The way you combine the techniques gives your art its complete authenticity.  This is your true style.  (Often the term "Fine Art" is used just because someone put paint on canvas - in fact, that "Fine Art" is often just craft, or low-professional quality.)  You will be creating true Fine Art and the results will set your art aside from the lesser forms.

Again, it's easy!  

Imagine trying to make and eat a sandwich without bread.  You'd be disappointed, perhaps angry, and certainly frustrated as you try to make it come together the way you want.  You're missing that essential ingredient.  It's the same with painting - it's harder to get the results you want than it is if you have all the ingredients.
Don't miss out any longer.  You have here the full range of advanced techniques, which are delivered to your home.  Get them here and get the results.
About artbytv - this domain name was conceived as an appropriate way to distribute high quality information and DVDs about advanced painting techniques.  This is before YouTube, when the only method of viewing media, at home, was on your TV set.  When YouTube came along, artbytv held the highest views and was awarded YouTube Awards (no longer provided) as being the pre-eminent channel for art instruction and inspiration.  It was created, as are the DVDs and the information, by Robert Bosler.  Many other YouTube channels attempted to reproduce the innovative style of artbytv ... some by customers of this very website. 
Let's go Fine Art painting ! 
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