Advanced Fine Art Techniques

Guiding you through the teaching in these DVDs is artist Robert Bosler.  Here is a brief background:
  • 28 years professional artist
  • Top sales price per painting of $25,000
  • Thousands of paintings sold worldwide
  • Regularly selling works between $3,000-10,000
  • Developer of the advanced Fine Art Techniques so you can achieve as well
  • Continual exhibitions in galleries and through his large Sydney studios
  • Many of his exhibitions, or a single artwork, televised locally and nationally
  • Established an investment art gallery in 1988 selling national and international investment works
  • Regularly stages exhibitions for his students
  • Author of three books on art, including "Guide to Teaching Art"
  • Author of 2 novels
  • Writer on matters of the Australian psyche and politics for the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper online
  • Producer of premium quality DVDs to help you achieve with your art
  • Developer of The Laws For Creativity
  • Over a million views about his art on YouTube
  • Accomplished sculptor in marble, bronze and wood
  • Assisted hundreds of artists in over 37 countries
For more information:

"The most thorough Renaissance man I know" - Luke Rhinehart, author of 'one of the fifty most influential books of the last half of the twentieth century' (BBC) The Dice Man, congratulating Robert on one of his recent works.
"The most powerful painting on Australian soil" - David Hill, managing director of the ABC, describing Robert's painting of Jeff Fenech. 
About artbytv - this domain name was conceived as an appropriate way to distribute high quality information and DVDs about advanced painting techniques.  This is before YouTube, when the only method of viewing media, at home, was on your TV set.  When YouTube came along, artbytv held the highest views and was awarded YouTube Awards (no longer provided) as being the pre-eminent channel for art instruction and inspiration.  It was created, as are the DVDs and the information, by Robert Bosler.  Many other YouTube channels attempted to reproduce the innovative style of artbytv ... some by customers of this very website.  After several incarnations, this website is now a direct representation of the art-techniques website, though it isn't updated as often as  All sales go through PayPal using the safe and secure avenue.  This website is maintained primarily for visitors directly from YouTube.  For more information about Robert, please visit or use the contact details provided.
Provided by artist Robert Bosler
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