Advanced Fine Art Techniques



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by artist Robert Bosler
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DVDs for art Instruction

These DVD packages are extremely detailed and comprehensive products designed to specifically to deliver you results - on your canvas, in your art career, or just for your ultimate personal satisfaction.  Artists who are already working lift their work into advanced realms of success.  Beginners get an enormous boost right at the start and jump ahead years.  Professional artists boost their sales price and potential.

Fine Art Techniques DVD Triple Pack 


This gives you the 12 techniques.  You get them in easy-to-learn detail, as well as their advanced function.  You don't miss a thing.  You also receive a vast amount of information to assist your personal or professional art career in oil painting.  Click here for the full list of Contents.  Sold into 37 countries.

4 hours in total
Price:  $189 plus postage  

OR -Download your choice of Techniques Disc
Can't wait?  Like a cheaper option?  Prefer to choose which disc?  Like a cheap trial?


Fine Art Landscape DVD Triple Pack

This takes you step by step through painting an actual subject using advanced techniques and advanced painting structure.  Existing artists boost their work profoundly.  New artists get gallery-ready paintings first go.  Extremely detailed and easy to follow.  Click here for more information if needed.
5 hours in total
Price $89.50 plus postage

Artist's Discount - Fine Art DVD Packs Combo

Get both DVD Packs above and save over 10%.   That's over 9 hours of detailed information, made easy.  Six DVD discs in two packs.  This is a major art course delivered to your home - with no need to pay art fees again.
Price:  $249 plus postage

Fine Art Techniques eBook

This is the eBook version of the best-selling DVD Triple Pack.  Has the same information in written form.  108 pages.  270 photographs.  Emailed to you within 24 hours.  
Size:  18mb
Price:  $49


The Laws for Creativity

The who, what, where, why and how of creativity.  An esoteric study to assist in the understanding of the creative process and how to become empowered by it.  
2.5 hours in total
Price:  $24.95 plus postage


For artists who wish to teach advanced techniques.   Students also read this to see how well they were taught, and the pitfalls they may have suffered, which hold them back.  A complete guide so you can be confident as a teacher, get highly successful results for your students, and make money.
Now published on Amazon and also available for computer and hand-devices.
Paperback version available at Amazon:  
Get it now by download - just $3.99 US: 

Art DVDs for Entertainment

Enter the artist's private studio and have a painting created for you from start to finish.  Highly entertaining.  And while informative, these DVDs are not provided specifically for instructional purposes.


All the highs, lows, the struggles, the madnesses and ultimate successes in the journey through the creation of a very large seascape painting.  The artist is quite vulnerable in this series, where three cameras are used to draw from the experience every ounce of infotainment, and put together in movie form.  The subject is the seascape shown below (resized for mobile).
100 minutes in total
Price: $24.95 plus postage


INNER SANCTUM - Spirit of a Lady flying off to Sleep

Same as above, with the subject being a very large spiritual work.  The image depicts a lady sleeping, with her spirit rising from her body and flying off to the realms of sleep.  The spirit takes a last glance at her body before leaving.  Part of this image is used in the header of this website.  Two versions are included in the DVD: a shorter length movie, and the full length movie showing an astounding 23 stages of creative struggle and success.
Version one: 30 minutes in total
Version two: 150 minutes in total
Both versions are included in the DVD set
Price:  $34.95 plus postage

BUNDLE DISCOUNT - on ALL of the above!


Get the lot.  Every DVD and eBook.  Save heaps!
Price: $359 plus postage
Provided by artist Robert Bosler
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