Advanced Fine Art Techniques

Fine Art Landscape DVD Triple Pack
This is step by step instruction taking you through advanced techniques for landscape painting.  You get a painting you can sell.  It's easy to do! We've done the hard work for you - just follow the steps!
What you get:
  • You get a Fine Art painting
  • Paced to paint along with instruction
  • Jump ahead 10 to 20 years in your career
  • For the beginner to established professional
  • Over 5 hours of detailed instruction
  • 4 separate painting stages
  • See every technique from start to finish
  • Learn how to create advanced palette mixes
  • Learn which brush to use with each technique
  • Learn the finesse of brushwork
  • Discover the difference between amateur and advanced painting
  • You'll be finishing an advanced painting
  • Common mistakes explained and how to steer clear of them
  • Your work has immediate professional appeal
  • Complex artistic events broken down into simple steps
  • Your painting can be sold in a gallery to recover the DVD cost
  • This is a springboard to your success
  • Continual re-use of this DVD brings continual artistic growth
This is the painting you will get (in your own style!)
Why was this image chosen?
Because you get many elements of the landscape: tree trunks, branches, dense foliage, soft foliage meeting sky, grass, mountains, ponds and dams, fence and fence posts, meadows, sky, shrubs, mid-distance trees.  
You learn to do all of those.  And by varying them, once you've learned them, you can create a vast array of paintings over many years.  For instance, by adding more tree trunks, the same way you learned, and more foliage and less sky, you get a forest scene; and by increasing the size of the ponds and dams, you get a river scene.  
How it works:
  • The painting is broken up into 4 stages.  Each stage is allowed to dry before the next.
  • Each stage takes about an hour to paint (this is a comfortable painting session).
  • Play the DVD and simply follow the steps
  • Every brush stroke is shown in detail
  • Advanced palette mixes are shown in detail
  • It's all made very easy for you
  • The pacing has been designed to allow you to paint and learn with ease and comfort
All the materials required are explained, including how to save money.
Extensive menu search system for later use.
The DVD Pack comes with a stencil in case you need it, and comes with a photo of the subject.

Provided by artist Robert Bosler
© since 2002