Advanced Fine Art Techniques

Fine Art Techniques DVD Triple Pack
This Triple Pack gives you every advanced oil painting technique.  It's the only place to get them.  Sold into 37 countries.  A brief list of contents is blow, though while it appears complicated in written detail, the DVD explains everything in a very easy-to-follow way, and you don't miss a thing.

Disc 1

1.35 INTRODUCTION. Brief ideas about art. Images of Sydney and the paintings "Sydney Icons".

10.20 GENERAL INFORMATION. Motivational talk by Robert: you are your own artist and you are naturally creative. The 2D reality of your canvas. You are master of that reality. Connect to the spirit of the subject. Different elements of a landscape reflect a different spirit. The need to align yourself with that spirit. Inspiration is everywhere. The gift of the landscape. The Illusion of Detail. There is more than one layer to paint. Capturing light - how it occurs through layers of paint. Capturing movement. Harness the feel of an image. How the real world grows in beauty through art. Commercial success built on capturing spirit with fine art techniques.

31.00 MATERIALS LIST Part One. Discussion.

39.00 MATERIALS LIST Part Two. Discussion.

47.00 MATERIALS LISTS. As required, including how to save money.

48.00 SETTING UP A STUDIO. Space to be free, messy if you need. Functionality: constant light source; fresh air; benches; room to stand back; music.

52.00 SEQUENCE IN THE AUSTRALIAN BUSH. The landscape is waiting for you.

56.00 INFORMATION ABOUT COLOUR. Colour is subjective. Choose colour to suit yourself. Your creativity is more important than colour. Explore colour your own way. Matching the landscape in colour is not necessary. Try different types of colour.

1.02 TRANSPARENT AND OPAQUE PAINT. How to tell which is which. Adding transparent and opaqe together.

1.08 NUMBER 2 MEDIUM. Discussion and background. Constitution: pigment + binder = paint.

1.09 TYPES OF TECHNIQUES. Day One. Empowering. Refining. Discussion and explanation.

Disc 2


2.00 DAGGER STROKE. Empowering stroke. Swift sure way of expressing your vision. How to pick up the paint. How to apply. Creates texture.

11.00 BLENDING. How to. When to. Refining technique.

14.00 PAINTING KNIFE. Empowering technique. One stroke wonder. Fantastic effects in one stroke. Quick forming. Scrape off. Overpainting. Using buttery qualities of paint. Sea, cliffs demonstration. How to pick up the paint. How to apply. Using tip of the knife. Unmixed colours. Blending with knife. Using to trim the image. Use only where necessary.

27.00 CARESS STROKE. Refining technique. Alters texture. Adjusts colour. Foundation for further techniques - how to and what it does.

37.00 TRANSPARENT GLAZING. How effective it is. Using it on top of one colour only. Not a Day One technique. Learning the technique with transparnet. colours. How to mix it. How to apply. Changing colours. Mixing colours. Lights and darks. Altering direction of the stroke. Foliage; reflections; water; sea. Problem areas. Glazing onto actual paint on your practise board: grass; foliage. Glazing onto 2nd practise board: foliage; cliffs; sea. Where to use it. Utilizing texture. Proper angle of brush. Proper type of mix. How light works thru glaze. How paintings appear illuminated.

1.07 OPAQUE GLAZING. Freedom to use this technique. Proper use of medium. Seeing underpainting through the glaze. Angle of brush. Introducing colour bit by bit to canvas. Refining stroke. Sky. Harmonising colours. Removing rawness from the image. Reflections.

Disc 3

2.00 CREATIVE KNIFE. How to mix effects on practise board. Keeping colours alive. Different types of mixes - loose; tight. Altering the stroke. Adding darks. Using texture. Building up the effects with layers. Applying technique to actual painting. Transparent effects. Dabbing with a rag. Evolving a painting. Creative focus. Adding darks to actual painting. Cliffs. Making changes swiftly. Using Opaque colours. Mixing with Opaques. Apply to sky for clouds. The "creative bandaid". How to revitalise an image with creativity (re-empowering). Using different colours. Powerful creative application. Sky. Use it to be free. Making sure the work won't crack. Varying your hand. Sea; whitewater. Using thick stokes. Cliffs again. Using the stroke as a foundation for further techniques.

37.00 SCUMBLING. Controlled technique. Refining. Using texture. Foliage. How to mix the correct mix. Picking up paint properly. Applying it - correct angle; using texture. Changing the colour of a painting. Leaving paint on the ridges of texture only. Refining rough strokes. Watching for problems. Grasses; distant meadow.

49.00 WIPING OFF. Making the technique. Different effects.

52.00 CREATIVE RAG. Use appropriate colours. Mixing colours. Demonstration of different mixes. How to shape the rag. Picking up paint. Applying to painting. Creativing effects of light. Making technique more subtle. Using darker glazes - making amazing changes to the image. Empowering stroke.

56.00 LINER STROKE. What it does. Creating accents. Refining images. Creating tree branches. How to pick up paint.

59.00 SCRIBBLE STROKE. Harmonising aggressive paint. Utilizing texture. Fabulous for skies. Where to use. Getting the mix right. Checking the mix. Increasing the effect. Angle of the brush. Underpainting showing through.



1.09 PREPARING CANVASSES AND BOARDS. What to use. How to apply. Inexpensive boards to paint on.

1.12 MAKING YOUR OWN NUMBER 2 MEDIUM. Incl making Damar Varnish from crystals. Detailed explanation. Mix for No 1 and No 2 medium.

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