Advanced Fine Art Techniques
This is a free video tutorial designed especially for the web.  It is nowhere near the quality of the DVDs, which are lengthy and suitable for broadcast on television networks.  This tutorial is much smaller, quicker, and much less comprehensive.  However, artists worldwide have enjoyed using the tutorial and have obtained quality artworks - just as hoped!  Suitable for beginners and established painters.  

The painting you'll create - in your own hand and your own style (that's how the techniques work) - is pictured here, this one created by Robert, to give you an idea of your end result.
Click on the picture to get a fastspeed version of the tutorial:
"Forest Pond"
It's created in four stages.  Be sure to let each stage dry completely before beginning the next stage.

The paints used in this quick tutorial are the same as used in the high quality DVDs:

Raw Umber

Lemon Yellow

Spectrum Red

Italian Pink

Ultramarine Blue

Coerulean Blue

Alizarin Crimson

Yellow Ochre
Titanium White.
Number 2 Medium
Canvas Board approx 18" x 12"
Painting Knife  Art Spectrum Model No 9217
Suggested brushes:

Number 12 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 8 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 4 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 8 or Number 10 Filbert Brush

Number 10 Round Brush

Number 4 Round Brush

00 Liner Brush

000 Signature Brush
Mineral Turps (from a Hardware Store)
Palette - can be a laminex offcut or similar
Lint-free Rags
Tin or Jar
Always use professional quality oil paint, not only for longevity and the beauty of their response - because the techniques work best when used with the higher quality paint.  Poor quality oil paint doesn't respond so well.
Remember - using advanced techniques is easy!  As you'll see ... enjoy !!
Be sure to bookmark this page to locate the videos, and feel free to share the videos with your friends or fellow artists.