Advanced Fine Art Techniques

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What to do:

  1. Make sure your connection can handle the download size (actual size shown in the download shop).
  2. Choose which DVD disc you would like - go through the contents details for the Fine Art Techniques discs to choose the techniques you want.
  3. Check your country's Television "Standard".  This is very easy, go to this page and see whether your country uses PAL or NTSC.  You will need the correct standard for use on your home television.
  4. The techniques DVDs are available online in a separate site, called FlickRocket, which is especially designed for safe downloading.  It works by purchasing a license for your particular use.  You have three choices.  A) Rent for 24 hours.  B) Download to own but not to burn.  C) Download to own and burn to your disc.

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If you need further assistance, or support during or after downloading, FlickRocket requires that you contact them directly as they need to know the technical details to help you.