Advanced Fine Art Techniques

Dagger Stroke     Technique #1
This technique drives paint into the canvas weave, empowering it with your creative energy.  What does that mean?  It means simply that you've changed your blank canvas into a foundation for your art.  At this stage you don't worry about the image, that will come later.  Right now, you want only to get rid of that blank canvas and begin your painting.  This technique lays the foundation not only for your art, but the freedom to create whatever image you want.  You can develop the image and change it later.   It takes only minutes to cover the canvas.  It's exhilarating, powerful and fun.  Each stroke is very simple, but I teach you how to do these strokes so that the strokes have within them a secret for advanced success.
This is a Day One, empowering technique.
Blending     Technique #2
Once you have put your foundation on canvas, you can begin to refine it.  Refining that raw paint takes away future problems with it and you can begin moulding the subject the way you want.  Blending is a technique which refines the paint that's already there.  Unfortunately, blending is taught too often as a finishing technique - which vastly limits its use.  If you've painted before, you've probably done it a thousand times.  But its real power is early or mid-way through a painting: something which isn't taught as it requires knowledge of the special combinations advanced techniques can achieve.  Paintings which use Blending as a finishing technique will only ever be as good as they are now, and the painter won't achieve anything more than that.  Instead, when you learn advanced techniques - all 12 techniques and how they can combine together - you'll see Blending is actually a very powerful way of creating effects later in a painting which otherwise cannot be achieved.  These effects can be developed over a lifetime and can bring massive results into your life and art career.

Painting Knife     Technique #3
The Painting Knife technique is often taught as a quick fix - it can get results immediately.  For instance, here's a parrot's tail feathers I created in one stroke, in the photo above.
Unfortunately, like the Blending Technique, the Creative Knife technique is used far too often to complete a painting.  Some people finish a painting using this technique and no others, because it is a quick fix.  However, those paintings again won't get any better than they are and the painter won't achieve anything more than that.  Instead, the Creative Knife technique has uses far beyond what can simply be described here.  The DVDs explain it in great detail for you.  In short, the Creative Knife technique is a Day One, empowering technique which lays the foundation for many, many amazing effects later in the painting.  Each step is very simple, and it's exhilarating fun.  
Caress Stroke     Technique #4
As the name implies, this is a very sensitive, sensual stroke.  It's also incredibly useful.  You can use this technique to change the colour of your painting, or alter the subject completely, or lay another foundation at any time for amazing effects later.   Imagine that!  At any time you like, you can completely change the painting you are doing into something entirely different.  And of course, you can use this technique to vastly improve the image you wish to keep developing. 
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