Advanced Fine Art Techniques

Wiping Off     Technique #9
It sounds like it should be used to take away mistakes!  But this technique is used specifically and with a huge amount of fun during a painting to achieve effects you can't otherwise get.  You'll feel very liberated and like you're flying with artistry when you use it.  I guarantee it will make you smile.  
Creative Rag     Technique #10
This technique is a ridiculous amount of fun to do, and gives results which you can't otherwise get.  See how unique each technique is?  Without each one, you are missing out on so much.  There are a few little secrets to know in using the Creative Rag technique, because it can be a bit of a wild-child in your creative toolset, but a simple demonstration in the DVDs solves that for you and sets you on your way to freely expressing yourself.   And did I say it was fun?  
Liner Stroke     Technique #11
This technique you would have seen before even if you haven't painted.  We all did it as kids.  As pretty basic.  The only difference is that it works in very different ways once you've used various advanced techniques on your painting before you apply this technique.  
Scribble Stroke     Technique #12
It's named this way because that's the sound the Scribble technique makes when you use it.  It's a rare gem.  Again, this technique gets you results and effects on canvas that none of the other techniques can give you.  It does take practise, but it's easy once you get the right mix on the palette, which is taught in the DVDs in detail.  A gentle, very pleasant technique that changes your paintings dramatically.  People who use the Scribble technique create paintings that no one else can.  You achieve an image that has visual layers to it, which means that with a super quick application using this technique your image obtains a depth which engages the eye and keeps on coming.  Very advanced, and it can be yours!
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